Just Kidding Collection #1

Just Kidding Collection #1
Fun, Hip, and a Little Silly

Just Kidding collection, the second Parody Parlour collection


Inspired by famous celebrities and famous classical paintings of all. You know, all things famous. There is something for everyone here and everyone will take away something from the works. 


American Boi - Parody Parlour

American Boi - Designed in 2018

Sometimes you have to take time out from being the dopest, put your social media blasts on the back burner, and tell the President that’ll you’ll call him later and just have some “me” time. Glitter bath bombs be gangsta.


Keeping Up With Kims

Keeping Up With Kims - Designed in 2018

It’s not easy for some people to get over both of the most-talked-about Kims on the internet. Well, you have both of them in one now.


Break The Glass

Break The Glass - Designed in 2018

It’s a bit hard to break the internet when you got no junk in the trunk. Sure, that booty might be as flat as her personality but the glass she is happy to break is worth more than most of us make a year #thatsHot


Purpose - Parody Parlour

Love Yourself - Designed in 2017

 'As long as you love me' repurposed.


Anaconda Creation - Parody Parlour

Anaconda Creation - Designed in 2017

She’s a doll and still knows how to drop a killer rap. It’s true, if you’re scary, they’ll have to listen, and if you have the flow, they’ll have to keep on listening.


Wet Scream - Parody Parlour

Wet Scream - Designed in 2017

The first time getting naked in front of someone can be a bit embarrassing, but if they scream like that...boy, you’re on the right path... Or not.


Girl With A Facial Mask

Girl With A Facial Mask - Designed in 2017

A Nearly-Ready Masterpice.


Hotline Bunny

Hotline Bunny - Designed in 2017

You used to call me baby. It’s all part of “God’s Plan” that this bunny makes it to the top. Turn-offs are those who “Emotionless” and turn-on is “Passionfruit”.


123123 Drink - Parody Parlour

123123 Drink - 2017

Maybe this is the reason she keeps her face hidden. Part songstress part action hero. Unlike peanut butter and chocolate sometimes two great things apart, aren’t better off together. I know this image would make the fearless street racer wants to 123 Drink to the point and swinging from the Chandelier.


Straighten Up!

Straighten Up! - Designed in 2018

You can have the best lyrics, the craziest videos, the catchiest songs, and enough awards to sink a battleship, but when your girl tells you to straighten up; you do it. Even if you are not entirely sure what she means.


Built Up From Nothing

He Made That B** Famous - Designed in 2018

Just a piece of Taytay’s favourite.


Do You Smell It?

Do You Smell It? - 2018

You can be the highest-grossing actor in Hollywood or one of the greatest sports entertainers of all time, but sometimes you have to do what you need to do to feel sexy before your ego smacks down to rock bottom.


Strike A Pose

The Secret Of Vogue - Designed in 2018

The Devil may wear Prada, but the Devil also knows that riding a bike without a helmet is super not cool. But what do you do to avoid awkward helmet hair? Make helmet hair your style and you’ll always be in Vogue.


Would You Like A Wall With That?

Would You Like A Wall With That? - Designed in 2018

There are times that you know that something is bad for you, but it tastes so good you’re lovin’ it. Then there are times you know it’s a mistake from the start. No refunds. Swallow that shame burger.




Take your favourite character. Now, make him or her a little different. That’s our style! Hip, unique, and maybe a little or very silly, we’re all about turning conventions over one after another. Humour is a tool we use often in our art prints and design for apparels. This is our culture, and we wouldn’t have it any other way.


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