Debut collection - LYAO Collection #1

Debut collection - LYAO Collection #1
Fun, Hip, and a Little Silly

LYAO Collection, stands for Laugh Your A** Off, the debut collection of
Parody Parlour

It is themed with our favourite superheroes being something other than super. This isn’t your grandmother’s superhero art, we just made them more adorable than they should be.


Why So Hungry? - Parody Parlour

Why So Hungry? - Designed in 2016

Sometimes you just need a good joke, and sometimes you just need a good burger. Other times, though, you may find yourself somewhere in between these two needs, wondering – why not both? What a McJoker.


The Best Employee - Parody Parlour

The Best Employee - Designed in 2016

Cold pizza is fun for exactly nobody, which is why you need a delivery guy who will show up not just on time but ahead of time – way ahead of time. From the oven to your mouth, this is super deliciousness faster than the speed of sound.


Because You're Worth It - Parody Parlour

Because I'm Worth It - Designed in 2016

Ever wonder how I have such thick, luxurious hair, no flakes? My secret? It’s a special anti-dandruff shampoo that also gives me the ability to call on the elements of storm at will. Because you’re worth it too. #thoreal


The Mighty One - Parody Parlour

The Mighty One - Designed in 2016

How comfortable are you in your masculinity? Are you as comfortable as 'The Mighty One' strutting around in his heart-mottled pink boxer briefs? If not, then get there! This is what real freedom looks like and feels like, and it looks and feels incredible. This is the real you, let it out!


Superbelly - Parody Parlour

Superbelly - Designed in 2016

Radioactive fragments of your home world don’t have to be your only weakness, sometimes it’s a two for one deal at your favourite doughnut shop or too many trips to McJokers for a late night fill-up. No amount of sunshine will fix that waste line. So, mind your diet.


Teeth of Steel - Parody Parlour

Teeth of Steel - Designed in 2017

Sure, you could make a joke about her now having Teeth of Steel but do you want to get kicked into the sun. Moreover, let’s not overlook the true hero here, an orthodontist so committed to help straighten teeth that they would have had to use wire capable of holding up a bridge just to make that dental work. Respect.


Ghost Cyclist - Parody Parlour

 Ghost Cyclist - Designed in 2017

That awkward moment when you are a bad ass motorcyclist that is dammed to be possessed by the demonic spirit of vengeance, but you become super conscious about your bike’s CO2 emissions. Just because your skull burns doesn’t mean you have to burn fossil fuels. #SaveTheEarth


Family Ties-In

Family Ties-In - Designed in 2018

You can pick your friends, you can pick your nose, but you can’t pick your family.


My Ambition - Parody Parlour

 Ambition - Designed in 2017

Do you know how much a secret evil lair costs to upkeep? Villainy isn’t cheap so sometimes you have to get a real job. Plus, it’s really handy, it’s a great and ideal job.


Natural Enemy - Parody Parlour

Natural Enemy - Designed in 2017

A suit made from iron may protect you from just about anything, but if you see a big magnet coming your way, that is your cue to run. Don’t underestimate the power of attraction.


You've Got the Touch!

The Magical Moment - Designed in 2017

Is this a magical and touching portrait of two people who have taken personal tragedy and turned it into a righteous team of do-gooders that are trying to keep humanity safe? Or this is another magical, touching and iconic scene from our all-time-favourite alien movie? Or…. are they just blaming each other for a super-fart? Art is interpretive. #ET


Parody Parlour


Take your favourite character. Now, make him or her a little different.
That’s our style! Hip, unique, and maybe a little or very silly, we’re all about turning conventions over one after another.
Humour is a tool we use often in our art prints and design for apparels.

This is our culture, and we like it like that.

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