Fun, Hip, and a Little Different

This is Jahow See, the artist behind Parody Parlour.
I’m a contemporary and parody art designer based in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.
And no, I don’t make knock off products, but I do make projects that’ll knock your socks off.

I grew up watching uncountable Hollywood films, superhero shows, comedian television shows.
You name it, but I might have missed it...
While I watch a show, half of my brain would start to imagine silly scenes,
I hope that’s not too much of a sick habit, i
t kinda led me to my silly arts.
My art is backed by years of design education online, a lot that I took online alone while my family wondered about my obsession.

My first collection is LYAO (Laugh Your Ass Off) Collection, debuted in 2016. The debut collection is themed with our favourite superheroes being something other than super. This isn’t your grandmother’s superhero art, at least I make them more adorable than they should be.

Why So Hungry? - Parody Parlour
Artwork : Why So Hungry?


My next collection is the Just Kidding Collection which was inspired by famous celebrities and famous classical paintings of all. You know, all things famous. There is something for everyone here and everyone will take away something from the works.

Wet Scream - Parody Parlour
Artwork : Wet Scream
Take your favourite character. Now, make him or her a little different. That’s our style! Hip, unique, and maybe a little or very silly, we’re all about turning conventions over one after another. This is our culture, and we like it like that.